Monday, June 21, 2010


I was on vacation last week and I decided that I wanted to make sure that I enjoyed the week so I took the increased dosage of my anti-depressants even though that would mean that I wouldn't have enough of the medication to finish out the course. Today I called the Walgreen's prescription line to find out if I could actually get a prescription with three pills a day rather than just two and still get the discount. I can, it is $9.99 a month, rather than over $100.00, something that I can actually afford. So I have an appointment this week to speak to the dr. and ask for the higher prescription.

I'm so disappointed that the new healthcare legislation that Obama whimped out on will likely help me very little. After the kids are back in school this fall I'm going to make it my goal to find a job with health benefits.

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  1. Hey, I found your blog from blogflow and am following you now:)

    Health benefits are so good but can be such a pain. My husband has CRAPPY benefits and got laid off so now we have to pay $900+ a month in cobra just to keep the crappy benefits.
    Here to hoping you find a job with good benefits:)