Thursday, February 25, 2010

exercise part two

Yesterday's great start stumbled quickly. I ended up feeling tired and deciding to go back to sleep for awhile. BIG MISTAKE. That set the tone for the rest of the day. I did NOTHING at all. I was pretty mad at myself by the end of the day. I now know that after exercise I'd better not spend too much time on the computer because I'll fall down flat in no time at all. I have to work today, so I know I don't have time for a nap.

I did a few extra minutes on the treadmill today. No physical effects from yesterday's brief workout so that is good. I hope that this will become a habit rather quickly, though I do wonder what I'll do in the summer when the kids are sleeping in until the afternoon.

I spent some time yesterday looking at depression web sites. Some of them have message boards and I read some of the stuff on them. It helps some to know that I'm not alone, but seeing how bad some of them are, especially the kids, was really hard. I hate the cyclical aspect of depression. I'll have a good day and think "okay, it's over, now I can get on with my life." Then I'll have a day like yesterday. A lay in bed all day after two good days, kind of day. Then I start the negative self talk...

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